A.H. Catering

A.H. is a leading food service and catering company serving the Chicago and Milwaukee areas. With over 40 years in the food service industry, we provide delicious foods prepared, delivered and served by our professional team.

Whether you are looking for a casual event or an elegant dinner with multiple courses and lavish services, A.H. will make your special event memorable. Due to the quantity of requests, our services specialize in large event catering generally consisting of 100+ guests.

We can provide basic services or coordinate the entire event to include:

  • Equipment and set-up: grills, tents, novelty, tables/chairs, table settings, etc.
  • A full menu to choose from: appetizers, entrees, grilled foods, cold foods, beverages, desserts.
  • Staffing from casual summer picnics to formal dinners.

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